2022 TSMO Awards


The NOCoE TSMO Awards celebrate the TSMO strategies and tools that leverage existing infrastructure to increase safety and reliability. Submit your TSMO project now.

Each year, NOCoE awards winners in four award categories. For 2022, the categories are:

  • Best TSMO Project
  • Agency Improvement
  • Digital Infrastructure and Electrification for TSMO
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for TSMO

More details on each category can be found below.

Submit your TSMO projects by December 17, 2021. 

Category winners are celebrated via industry events and their project or solution is developed into a NOCoE case study and video that is shared with transportation industry. 

A TSMO Award Overall Winner is then chosen from the four category winners. Previous winners include Georgia DOT and North Carolina DOT. All category and Overall Winners can be found via the links to your left. 

Most award submissions are turned into NOCoE Case Studies, which form a library of TSMO strategies, tactics, and best practices that can be shared with other TSMO practitioners and organizations. 

Lastly, each year NOCoE also awards a TSMO Champion, an individual who has made significant contributions to advancing TSMO both inside their organization and within the industry at-large. Submission information is below

Award Categories

Best TSMO Project

This award will recognize an actual, implemented project of operational approaches or strategies with consideration of safety, congestion, and/or travel time reliability improvements. These innovative practices seek to advance the transportation system via TSMO strategies, such as active traffic management, traffic incident management, work zones using TSMO, special event management, planning, multimodal coordination, and any other TSMO strategies deployed on the system to save lives, time, or money.

Agency Improvement

This award will recognize an agency or organization that has improved their organizational capabilities in consideration of the TSMO capability maturity model. Topic areas might include workforce development, business processes such as contracting for TSMO or planning and project selection, establishing partnerships, performance measures/management, organizational culture, or expanding TSMO capabilities. Previous winners have included both program improvements as well as the improvements of agencies to make specific decisions or to advance operations procedures.

Digital Infrastructure and Electrification for TSMO

This award will highlight an agency or organization that has developed a key practice to advance their digital infrastructure to support their transportation system or the system user or undertaken an electrification project to support TSMO. Submissions in this category should be sure to feature how the digital infrastructure is being used to benefit the system user or the agency’s TSMO capabilities in addition to the establishment of the infrastructure itself. Examples might include broadband and fiber capabilities, data processes, network advancements to support TSMO, as well as electrification for the purpose of advancing operations. Previous submissions in Best TSMO project or other categories can also be resubmitted here.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This award will highlight an agency or organization who has incorporated practices to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within TSMO programs or has used TSMO strategies and practices to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion as it relates to the transportation system. Submissions in this category focusing on internal programs might include how organizations have worked to ensure that their workforce is representative of the communities they serve or how organizations collaborate with stakeholders, government, and transportation partners in a manner that advances diversity, equity, and inclusion. Submission may also focus on how organizations are collecting data, planning, designing, and selecting future projects, or evaluating system performance that advances diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Submit your TSMO project now.

Award Submission Eligibility

NOCoE TSMO Awards are open to any city, county, MPO (RPO, COG), regional or state agency and private sector organizations. All submission are due by December 17, 2021. 

Award Criteria

Applicants should describe a TSMO project or strategy, implemented within the last five years that demonstrates transportation system management or operations success in saving lives, time or money (individually or in combination). Submissions will be judged on the 1200 word submissions (with weighted sections) and supporting documentation that demonstrates an overall public, community and industry impact, creativity and advances TSMO.

Submissions may be shared publicly and on the NOCoE website (unless otherwise requested).

All submissions are due by December 17, 2021Submit your TSMO project now.

Submission Rules

All applications for the 2021 awards cycle must be submitted no later than midnight on December 17, 2021 using the online submission portal. Applications must include any associated TSMO program planning documents, and may include any supporting documentation that further explains the processes involved. Each submission should include:

  • Name of the organization(s) applying for the award
  • Name of contact applying for the award including:
    • Address (city, state, zip code, country)
    • Phone number
    • E-mail
    • Twitter handle (if applicable)
  • Category being applied for
  • Up to 1,200 words in the following sections:
    • Background - Provide details of history and situation that led to a need for a TSMO solution
    • TSMO Planning, Strategies and Deployment - Provide details of the TSMO implementation process from beginning to end
    • Communications Planning and Execution - Provide details of the communications process with the public, within your agency, and if applicable, coordination with other agencies
    • Outcome, Benefit and Learnings - Provide details of how the TSMO solution worked, any public or community benefit and lessons learned
  • Photographs, diagrams, graphics, logos etc. associated with your submission. Please submit individually in 300 DPI or in the highest resolution possible. Also, any agency/company logos should be submitted in .eps format along with a .jpeg or .png

Any supplemental materials that are not included in the case study submission document should be submitted at the same time. Please make sure all supporting documents share a common title (ex. TSMO AZ Case Study, TSMO AZ Photo1, TSMO AZ Diagram1).

Submit your TSMO project now. Submissions are due by December 17, 2021. 

Judging Criteria

10% Background

20% TSMO Planning, Strategies and Deployment

20% Communications Planning and Execution

40% Outcome, Learnings and Public Benefit

10% - Visual, photographic, and video materials

TSMO Champion

Each year, NOCoE recognizes an individual who has advanced the TSMO practices both inside their organization and in the industry at-large. Previous winners have included, Ali Zaghari of Caltrans, Tony Kratofil of Michigan DOT, and Faisal Saleem of Maricopa County DOT. 

TSMO Champions are chosen by publicly submitted nominations that are reviewed by leaders in the transportation industry.

To submit a nomination for TSMO Champion, please email Adam Hopps, NOCoE Interim Managing Director, with the following information: 

  • Name, title, and organization of the nominee
  • One paragraph career bio of the nominee
  • One to two paragraphs on the nominee's contributions to their organization
  • One to two paragraphs on the nominee's contributions to the industry
  • Photo of the nominee and any other video, photgraphic, or visuals to support the nomination