CEO Briefing Book on Effective Operations Improvement Strategies



Many key decision makers in transportation—whether elected or appointed—have a modest background in transportation. It is important to provide them with information that presents the payoffs from increased program attention and investments in TSM&O.

This CEO Briefing Book documents project success stories from the implementation of operational improvements for a range of state and regional contexts across the United States. They provide compelling examples that demonstrate the advantages of investing in operational improvements. Each project success story includes a brief summary of the problem, solution, results, cost, “what's in it for me,” resource links, and contact information.

Source Organization Location

Washington, DC

Operations Area of Practice

  • Communicating Reliability Information
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis

Organizational Capability Element

  • Economic Analysis of Reliability/Costs and Benefits
  • Outreach & Marketing

Content Type

  • FAQs / Benefits Brochure

Role in Organization

  • CEO / GM / Commissioner
  • Director / Program Manager
  • Principal Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Manager

Maturity Level of Program

  • Assessment (L1)
  • Deployment (L3)
  • Development (L2)
  • Monitoring (L4)


  • Available Tools
  • Justification

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Prime Contractor
Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Zachary Horowitz, Wayne Kittelson, John Zegeer, andBrandon Nevers
Issue Date
December 31st, 2014
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