NOCoE Case Studies

NOCoE Case Studies capture the strategies and practices currently being deployed to advance the TSMO industry and enable TSMO practitioners to save lives, time, and money.

Case studies are developed in partnership with the authoring organization or individual to succinctly transfer knowledge for the effective use by others in the industry.

Many of the case studies come from TSMO Award Submissions. Please be sure to consider submitting your practices for upcoming awards.

Additional case studies focus on academic and industry collaboration models, the 2017 solar eclipse, and other TSMO practices being deployed throughout the country.

Oregon Metro’s Strategy for Incorporating Racial Equity Focus into TSMO

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies should be part of TSMO thinking How an Equity Tree process can be applied to TSMO Strategy How Oregon Metro used an Equity Tree process to ask a broad set of questions that span historical context, workforce, and data... Learn More

Route 1, Forrestal Rd. to Wynwood Dr./Whispering Woods Blvd. ITS Improvements Project

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How NJDOT and the community alleviated congestion using existing pavement and Hard Shoulder Running (HSR) How Intelligent Transportation Systems technology including digital message systems, overhead lane use control signs and CCTV cameras helped to direct traffic... Learn More

Defining the TSMO Workforce Pipeline

Highlights While the TSMO Industry continues to draw from traditional sources of workforce, to fully realize the benefits and meet future demands, workforce pipeline sources must be diversified. Many transportation agencies face challenges in building a pipeline specific to TSMO because of... Learn More

Best Practices in Workforce Development from Similar Industries

Highlights The TSMO community can leverage and adapt noteworthy workforce development practices from other industries with similar challenges. Water, Information Technology, Accounting, and Trucking Industries were scanned for lessons learned that the TSMO community could adapt. Advancing diversity... Learn More

Traffic Signal Modernization Program

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How Tennessee DOT worked with local government agencies to modernize traffic signal systems in both small and large agencies to reduce crashes, improve traffic operations, system reliability How TDOT partnered with the American Council of Engineering Companies (... Learn More

Florida DOT Regional District Management Center

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How North Florida implemented a Regional Transportation Management Center as part of their TSMO implementation. How the Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) incorporated Integrated Corridor Management into their TSMO strategy. How the RTMC had... Learn More

COVID-19 Response Plan

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How NCDOT maintained operations and adhered to the statewide mandate to reduce DOT staff in government facilities, by executing a remote operations plan to sustain essential services How Statewide communication systems NC 511, NCDOT’s customer service line, and... Learn More

Statewide Operations Center Reconstruction: Resiliency & Continuity of Operations

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How Maryland DOT is giving its Statewide Operations Center (SOC) a technology refresh and physical reconfiguration upgrade to meet next-generation TSMO and operations requirements. How a temporary SOC was put into place to ensure zero downtime during construction... Learn More

Gainesville Signal Phase And Timing (SPaT) Trapezium Project

IN THIS CASE STUDY YOU WILL LEARN: How deploying Roadside and Onboard connected vehicle technologies on four roads near the University of Florida improved travel time reliability and safety. How FDOT and the City of Gainesville have become familiar with how V2X applications can be leveraged to... Learn More

PTC Traffic Incident Management Program

In This Case Study You Will Learn: How the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s Traffic Incident Management program has partnered with other state incident management organizations to form the Pennsylvania Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (PennTIME) initiative. How the Commission’s TIM program... Learn More