Workforce Trends and Practices Applicable to TSMO

National Operations Center of Excellence

Technical Memorandum Highlights

  • The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the ways we work. The value of schedule flexibility, remote/hybrid work, technology use, social purpose, work-life balance, pay, and benefits have shifted especially with many industries facing worker shortages.
  • This memo includes a deeper investigation into the industries scanned as build up to the September 2021 2nd TSMO Workforce Development Summit. An outcome of the summit was a request to better understand best practices that could be brought into the TSMO industry including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies.
  • Recommendations based on successes from other industries include formal mentoring, broader use of DEI initiatives, amplifying and promoting social purpose, adopting modern workplace technology, and expanding the pool of candidates through creative methods.


This memo provides a deeper look at current trends in the workforce and the industries discussed in the workshop white paper that show potential as good models for addressing TSMO workforce needs. Current trends in worker availability, knowledge, skills, and abilities, and shifting employee expectations are changing the way employers need to think about how they structure work, and how they recruit and retain employees. This memo draws from general observations in the workforce as well as specific models and approaches in related industries.

This paper was developed as part of NOCoE’s strategic goal to advance the TSMO workforce. This topic area is being explored as a follow-up to NOCoE’s 2021 TSMO Workforce Summit, a gathering of TSMO and HR professionals. The summit revealed the importance of focusing on strengthening pipelines, focusing on the paraprofessional workforce, and highlighting TSMO as a career of choice. NOCoE will continue to work with its partners around solutions for each of these areas while also developing and sharing resources to benefit practitioners.

Organizational Capability Element

  • Organizational Structure/Staffing
  • Recruitment and Retention

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  • Case Studies & Lessons Learned

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  • NOCoE

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Pat Noyes
Issue Date
March 30th, 2022
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